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Delalande Agrafe Rapid Inox - Lure Clip (With Swivel)

Delalande Agrafe Rapid Inox - Lure Clip (With Swivel)
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The Agrafe Rapide Inox Lure Clip with Swivel is the answer to all the Lure Anglers dreams; available in Five sizes: sz6 (29lb b/s); Sz7 (35lb b/s); Sz8 (45lb b/s) Sz9 (55lbb/s) & Sz10 (220lb b/s).
Comments by Henry Gilby:
"Such a seemingly insignificant part of going lure fishing, but then you stumble upon a clip like the Delalande Agrafe Rapide INOX and it seems that all your problems are solved at once. Once you get used to almost twisting your lures onto this clip (you do not open it out) then after a while you start to wonder why on earth more clips are not made like this. I tend to use the smallest 29lb version for my lure fishing for bass especially and I just can't find one thing I don't like about these clips.
Now available with attached swivels."

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