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Delalande Fire Eel 13cm & 18cm - DEL342113

Delalande Fire Eel 13cm & 18cm - DEL342113
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The Fire Eel is a new soft bait in the Delalande range. It looks a bit like a garfish, preferred prey to all predators. Due to its unique design, waggle swimming action is fairly new on the European market. This slender lure has been specially designed to tempt all marine predators in especially difficult fishing areas where Bass, all Dentex species, Snapper, Grouper and amberjack congregate & lurk. The swimming action of this bait is amazing - indeed, Delalande worked very closely with teams of anglers using combinations of bait size, colours, scents & flavours and modified shapes (hydrodynamics') to arrive at the best all round lure - The Fire Eel. The body of the bait has many raised surfaced thus giving off lots of visual movement to all predatory fish. This new soft bait contains the new Delalande attractant within the soft plastic. Available in two sizes, 6 different jig head weights & 8 colour combinations.

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