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LFT Fizz Bait Tablets.

LFT Fizz Bait Tablets.
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The LFT FIZZ Tablets brings a new dimension to fishing with bait and attractants in both Saltwater as well as Freshwater environments:-
1. When the Tablet hits the water, it creates a Fizz disturbance which automatically attracts fish
2. Creates a cloud of minute particles with attractive flavours, colours and appetizers that fish always want to investigate and eat.
3. The tablets have about 10 to 15 minutes scent, fizz & cloudy colour trail where you baited hook is and can be used with an LFT Feeder or any other feeder of your choice or even slow dissolving PVA netting.
4. Comes in 6 exciting enhanced flavours & colours.
20mm diameter tablets in a 200gr screw top jar.


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